"Wouldn’t it be nice to find a city guide who would be just right for us, like a trusted friend whose opinion we knew we could count on. After years of being advised and guided in the wrong direction by bribed concierges, biased opinions and just plain bad suggestions, I decided to create what we had been missing: This site will be your resource for all of the tried and tested of the greatest cities of the world. After a lot of careful curation and hard work, I present to you our site that is quite literally raising the bar on what a city guide should be, because you don’t need a million options,
Just The Good Ones."

Nelson Vargas - CEO

About Us

This site is inescapably a work-in-progress because the taste for the best is dynamic and ever-changing. We ultimately wish to be your online “trusted friend,” thereby identifying your high-end demands and providing you with needful sources to meet them. Our mission will keep us on our toes around the clock because we know that you may come from any corner of the world.

We provide the users with a powerful tool that delivers the quickest possible overview of the best segments a city has to offer. We realized that those visiting a city for the first time will want to discover and explore it - and undoubtedly experience it at its best.

Our site let you prepare thoroughly for your next city visit. With just a few clicks you’ll find everything your chosen city has to offer: restaurants & lounges, bars & cafés, hotels & spas and many more exclusive points of interest in the most important cities of the world.

Our final product is a city portal for those with discriminating taste who likes to experience a city from its best side, or who have yet to indulge in the best their own city has in store just waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy perusing this hand-picked selection of diverse places which offers only the best along with exceptional setting and service. Wherever you happen to be, whatever your plans are - make sure you don’t miss out on the finest experiences.